honesty, honestly


They're still working on it.













Günter:  "Mm...  If I may say so..."
Antonio:  "Ahn?"
Günter:  "I.... missed this.  Missed doing this with you."


Antonio:  "Hmmm...."


Antonio:  "Günter...  There's something I need to tell you before we get married...  Though I'm probably going to regret it."
Günter:  "Eh?"
Antonio:  "I just know if I don't tell you now and you find out on your own later you'll be even more angry.  I hope you'll take my honesty into consideration."
Günter:  "Antonio, what is it?"


Antonio:  "I... wasn't exactly celibate while we were apart."


"......................  WHAT!?!"


Günter:  "With Syn!?  I thought you two hated each other."
Antonio:  "We worked something out that was mutually beneficial."
Günter:  "......  Hated each other."
Antonio:  "It was just sex, that's all.  We didn't go on dates or hang out or anything.  We just met up, fucked, then went home."



Günter:  "Hmph."
Antonio:  "What, are you jealous?"


Günter:  ".........  How long did it go on?"
Antonio:  "Hm?  I don't know.  A few months maybe."
Günter:  "And it was really just.... you know."
Antonio:  "Sex?"
Günter:  "Yes.."
Antonio:  "It.... was for me."


Antonio:  "Though I think it started changing for him."
ünter:  "You think he started to like you?"
Antonio:  "Ah...  I didn't mean for that to happen."


Günter:  "You just can't stop being irresistible."
Antonio:  "So you're not mad?"
Günter:  "I am, actually.  But even more so... I worry about him.  Maybe I should talk to him."
Antonio:  "Do what you must; I'm not going near it.  He's likely to reach through that computer and tear my face off, and that would make the wedding photos just horrible."


Günter:  "You."
Antonio:  "Oh, me."
Günter:  "But... thank you for telling me.  Your honesty is considered."
Antonio:  "And thank you for getting appropriately jealous."
Günter:  *snort*




To be continued.....