Gods and Demons


How to start a war.




Luke:  "Hm~m?"






Luke:  "I never expected you to become so pathetic."
ünter:  "Excuse me?"
Luke:  "It looks like marriage has turned you into a wuss."
ünter:  "Don't be ridiculous.  I'm the same as I've always been."
Luke:  "A fickle heartbreaker?"


Günter:  "That's... not what I meant, and you know I'm not like that."
Luke:  "Oh?  Let's see, how many people have you hurt?  There's Syn, of course, which also ended up hurting Tachi, which in turn hurt Quincy.  Then Antonio, which you think you've fixed, and that hurt Syn again.  Twice.  And then there's-"
ünter:  "Enough."
Luke:  *laugh*


Luke:  "This is why humans and their worthless relationships are so stupid.  Why purposely give yourself a weakness just to secure sex?"


Günter:  "Our relationship is not based on sex.  It is based on mutual respect and affection and a desire to support and care for and protect each other."
Luke:  *snort*  "Pathetic."


"They're things you could never understand."

Antonio:  "Since nobody could ever feel for you in such a way."


Luke:  "Who needs that anyway?"
Antonio:  "Jealous?"
Luke:  "Of what?  Your stupid little marriage won't last anyway."


Antonio:  "Don't you dare insinuate-"
Luke:  I know how human relationships work.  I give it a year until you have a fake divorce to end your fake marriage."
Antonio:  "How dare you?"



Luke:  "I know the statistics.  But hey, when that time comes..."



Luke:  "... You're both welcome to my bed."



Günter:  "Meili, don't!"



Luke:  "Hm?"





Luke:  "Ooh~"
ünter:  "Meili!"
Rook:  "You can't...  You can't hurt Luke.  I won't let you."




Günter:  "Meili, stop it!  You're not allowed to hurt anyone!"


Luke:  "Oh, that vicious monster."
Rook:  "I'm ok..."
Luke:  "Hush, my poor cutie."


Luke:  "That beast should be gotten rid of."
ünter:  "He doesn't know any better."
Luke:  "Neither does a vicious animal.  That's why we keep them in cages."
Antonio:  "Don't act like you have no part in this."
Luke:  "I keep my pet under control."
ünter:  "It's you yourself who needs to be kept under control."
Luke:  "What's that supposed to mean?"


Günter:  "Figure it out for yourself."
Antonio:  "Or you'll lose something important."


Luke:  "Hn.  Idiots.  I don't have anything important."


Luke:  "Are you sure you're ok?"
Rook:  "Yes.  I haven't fed yet even, so I won't have a bruise."
Luke:  "Aww~  But it must have hurt anyway.  Poor baby~  Come, I'll tend to your wounds."
Rook:  "But I don't have any-"
Luke:  "Shh!  You need tending to."





No worries. Rook likes Luke's type of "tending."  ^_~