Günter:  "When I'm through working, we can go for a walk."
Meili:  .....  !!



Günter:  "What the-!"



Antonio:  "Now, you are going to listen to me."


Antonio:  "Come this way."


Meili:  ..............  ♥





Antonio:  "You're not being very fair to me.  I hate having to do this, though you do look rather sexy tied up like that.  But you leave me no choice."


Antonio:  "I want to tell you... everything.  But I don't want you to interrupt or walk off or get all lawyer-y on me.  Will you listen?"


Antonio:  "Oh, you don't have a choice, do you?"
ünter:  ::glare::


Antonio:  "It's true that my family business is less than honorable, but it's all I've ever known.  And it's true that I've killed people, and not just out of self-defense.  Again, it's all I've ever known."



Antonio:  "This life is, literally, what I was born for.  And I don't hate it.  The money, the power, the danger - I love it all.  It's who I've always been... and I think you knew it."


Antonio:  ".............  But that's not what you're so mad about, is it?"


Antonio:  "Ah~  I see."
ünter:  "Maof fuun oo ie?"
Antonio:  "More than anything, you're mad because I didn't tell you."


Antonio:  "I couldn't tell you.  In order to protect you, I had to keep you as in the dark about my family as my family is about you."


Antonio:  "I had you, and I had them, and everything was separate and fine."


Antonio:  *sigh*  "I'm sorry I didn't tell you.  It was the best I could do to keep you safe.  ..............   Alright."


Antonio:  "That's all I have to say."


Günter:  "Who....."


Günter:  "Who do you think you are!?"
Antonio:  "Ahn?"
ünter:  "You can't just tie someone up!"
Antonio:  "You wouldn't listen otherwise, and you know it."


Antonio:  "You think you're sticking to your guns, but you're just being stubborn."


Günter:  "How am I supposed to believe you ever cared to protect me?  How am I supposed to believe you're not just lying again?"
Antonio:  "I never lied!"
ünter:  "Is Antonio Tannhäuser even your real name?"


Antonio:  "............."
ünter:  ".............  Unbelievable."


Antonio:  "Look..."
ünter:  "Don't touch me!"
Antonio:  "The fewer details you know, the safer you'll be; why won't you understand that!?"
ünter:  "I can't trust you!"
Antonio:  "Yes, you can!"
ünter:  "Stay away from me!"


Tachi:  "Hey!  What the hell is going on here!?"
Quincy:  "Are you alright?"


Günter:  "Hmph!"
Antonio:  "G


Günter:  "Stay out of my life."


Tachi:  ".........  Damn. What did you do to him?"




To be continued....