Called a Rose


Just as sweet.





Antonio:  "No offense.  I've enjoyed being your roommate, but..."
Brishen:  "It's fine..."





Antonio:  "Ah~  That's much better."
ünter:  "Mm.."
Antonio:  "So, should we have a big wedding, or a huge one?"
ünter:  "You do realize we don't know anyone in this country, right?  It will have to be just those of us here."
Antonio:  "That's so not fitting for me."
ünter:  "Unless you plan on buying friends, I don't see it being the blowout you want."
Antonio:  "And deserve."
ünter:  ".........  Yes."
Antonio:  *SIGH*


Günter:  "Don't you think a small wedding is more intimate?"
Antonio:  "Hmm...  As long as it's you next to me, I don't mind.  Dr. Brishen has agreed to perform the ceremony, and Quincy will be my Man of Honor."
ünter:  "Tachi is more than happy to be my Best Man, as well.  We'll need to get flowers, too."
Antonio:  "And tuxedos."
ünter:  "Should you really be in white, though?"
Antonio:  "Are you saying I'm impure!?"
ünter:  ".............."








Antonio:  ".......................................................  It's del Drago."
ünter:  "Hm?"
Antonio:  "My name."


Antonio:  "Antonio Vincente del Drago."


Günter:  "You're of that family!?"
Antonio:  "You've heard of us?"
ünter:  "Anyone in law has.  You're the most prolific dealers of illegal weapons worldwide."
Antonio:  "Well, thank you."
ünter:  "You supply terrorists!"
Antonio:  "Our policy is to not ask anything of our customers.  We don't ask questions, and neither do they."
ünter:  "People have died by weapons you've sold."


Antonio:  "People have died by weapons I've been holding.  I thought that wasn't a problem."
ünter:  "Of course it's a problem!"
Antonio:  "So... what?  Do you want to call the wedding off?"


Günter:  "No, I don't...  But...  I wish you would stop."
Antonio:  "Oh, sure, I'll quit the only thing I've ever known and sell insurance instead.  Perhaps I'll change my name to Willy."
ünter:  "Antonio..."
Antonio:  "What would you have me do?"
ünter:  "Just... promise me you won't kill anyone."
Antonio:  "I can't promise that."


Antonio:  "All I can promise is that I'll try to avoid it, at all costs, and if I have to take a life, it'll be in self-defense only."
ünter:  "That's the best I'm going to get, huh?"
Antonio:  "I'm afraid so."
ünter:  "......  I'm trying very hard to not be stubborn."
Antonio:  "I'm trying very hard not to be selfish."


Günter:  "Thank you."


Günter:  "Mein Gott...  I'm marrying into the mob."
Antonio:  "I swear you will never be involved."
ünter:  "Nn...  Though, if I may ask a question?"
Antonio:  "Hmm?"
ünter:  "Where did the name Tannhäuser come from?"


Antonio:  "My grandfather chose it in order to keep our personal lives and our business lives separate.  And so far it's worked out just fine."
ünter:  "Why did he choose a German name?"


Antonio:  "Italians really like Germanic things."
ünter:  "I see..."
Antonio:  "Goodnight, Fidanzato."
ünter:  "Goodnight.."







Antonio:  "........  Does he always do this?"
ünter:  "Every night."
Meili:  ♥♥




To be continued....