And on and on and on...




Tachi:  "We haven't had a Japanese lesson in a while."

Quincy:  "Sorry. ....  I've been busy..."

Tachi:  "How about right now?"

Quincy:  "I'm.... busy."


Tachi:  "No you're not!"

Quincy:  "I...."

Tachi:  "You're avoiding me, and I want to know why!"


Quincy:  "......"

Tachi:  "Is it because of that kiss?  I told you, just forget about it."

Quincy:  "I don't want to forget about it."

Tachi:  "...... Eh?"


Quincy:  "I don't want to forget about it, and... moreover, I want to do it some more.  I want to kiss you a lot more."

Tachi:  "But- but- but.... you know-"

Quincy:  "I know, you're straight, you like girls, you need to get married and carry on your family name.  I know."


Quincy:  "Knowing that, and given my feelings, don't you agree that it is probably best if we just stay away from each other?"


Tachi:  "No... I don't agree with that at all."




To be continued....